This is a no-fluff zone. I talk fast. I’m snappy and bold and so are my trainings.

The “Exactly What to say”
Automated Content Plan

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Learn how to be super visible online (with the strategy to back it up)
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A content plan that works for you

the little-known secret…


Why Scaling Your Marketing Is a Must When Scaling Your Biz from 1:1 to 1:many, Even If You’ve Built A Successful Business off Referrals & Networking In The Past

how to create


A Dead-Simple System That Allows You To Stop Wasting Time And Ensures You’re Not Only Visible Online But Irresistible To The Right People

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Why You Don’t Need To Give Away All Your Secrets With “Free Value” To Gain Clients Online When You Use Smart Content

free 45-min training to learn how these three a-ha shifts lead to content freedom

Listen. I don’t do spin. We’ve all been on a webinar that talks in and around the subject and this is not that. When you tune in and apply these three shifts to your biz, you will see big changes.

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Your Speaker, Britney Gardner

Content + Marketing Strategist

Few marketers truly marry their creative and analytical sides. With a visual background in photography and graphic design and training under the top copywriters in the country, Britney Gardner pairs that creativity with her strategic mastermind personality as an INTJ and Enneagram 8.

She translates humans (and all their messy feelings) into a visibility plan that makes it easy to show up consistently.

Host of The Know, Like & Trust Show podcast and creator of the BE SEEN Method, she helps online service biz owners craft content that attracts perfect-match clients.

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