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Ready To Create Client-Attracting Content With Ease

and (finally) get off the content creation hamster wheel?
You need a system and you need support and you get both inside

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It’s the DIY content creation program for successful service providers who know it’s time to build a visibility strategy to attract more clients online–without it being an endless time suck.

it’s a container for you to work in so you get sh*t done

Perfect for online service providers – wellness providers – course creators
+ anyone desiring a steady pipeline of clients

this is an 8-week self-study program where we cover the following…

How Content Lab Works:

If Netflix-style binging is your style, go for the popcorn-fueled splurge! Otherwise, here’s a suggested 8-week schedule.

Week 1 – The Brand Ingredient

Build a solid foundation for your marketing system by answering the six questions that define your brandscape

Most content creators make the cardinal mistake of talking, writing, or posting without a plan–but also without tying it into their brand in the first place! In this mission, you’ll define the bones of your brand and make every piece of content easier to create after.

At the end of this mission, you’ll:

  • Create a brand filter to run all future marketing decisions through
  • Know the difference between a brand and brand applications (spoiler: content is one of those applications!)

At the end of this mission, you’ll:

  • Define three content categories all your topics fall into
  • Ensure your content topics keep your message at the forefront
  • Begin invoking the kind of curiosity that keeps your audience engaged–and moving through your business’s value ladder

Week 2 – The Bucket Formula

Define your content buckets using my proven methodology so you stay on message as you share your content

The biggest content mistake most people make when first committing to showing up online is the easiest one to avoid–when you go through my content bucket exercise.

Week 3 – The Brainstorm Ingredient

Filling in the next 90-180 days of content for your business isn’t nearly as overwhelming when you follow this mission’s exercise!

Brainstorming isn’t just picking up a pretty pen and notebook–we’ll walk through my favorite ways to get all your ideas down on paper (digital OR manual).

At the end of this mission, you’ll:

  • Move from idea-less to at least ten topics in each content bucket
  • Choose your content system container

Week 4 – Integration + Implementation

Take this week to fill in your content system and start implementing!

At the end of this mission, you’ll:

  • Give your audience the kind of epiphany that builds your authority as the expert they want and need
  • Confidently expand your original brainstormed topics
  • Know how to create content that pulls you from the “friend zone” into content that drives action

Week 5 – The BE SEEN Formula

We’ll create content that truly meets your audience where they’re at and brings them into your business for the right service or program

Your goal for your content is for it to begin doing the heavy lifting of client attraction and client filtering. This mission is all about sharing content pieces with the right perspective that gets your audience to take action!

Week 6 – The Webbing Formula

Turn your inventive angles and topics into multiple pieces of content to fill out your calendar–the easy way

This one is for the “how are you everywhere?!” people. This is the big secret epic content creators know and now–you will too.

At the end of this mission, you’ll:

  • Create a full week of content from a single topic
  • Know how to plan out a content system that spans months–with ease
  • Fully utilize the 80/20 Rule to maximize every piece of content you create

Week 7 – Integration + Implementation

Take this week to plan out two epic topics and turn them into 5-10 more content pieces. Be Seen!

At the end of this mission, you’ll:

  • Build a simple measuring system so you know which content pieces to recycle and which to toss
  • Dial in your marketing message even more and fine-tune your content
  • Schedule your content calendar out in a flexible way that fits your business and lifestyle

Week 8 – The Measure Ingredient

how to measure your content after posting

Every seasoned marketer knows all marketing is a test! The content that pulls in the best clients isn’t always what you expect, even when you’ve done the prep work perfectly.

and did you see the part where you get 1:1 chat access to me for the 8-week duration?


content lab is a course with 1:1 support to help you

create targeted content and your own, unique marketing system

Organize your expertise in a way your audience will not only notice but buy into (even if you feel like your ideas are all scattered!) so you can stop being your niche’s best-kept secret and start being seen


Build a marketing system that makes sense so even a new team member can jump in to help you with visibility


Cultivate content ideas that target your perfect-match clients, even if you’ve never picked up a client from social media before

Put the 80/20 Content Rule into action and start multiplying your results with a whole lot less effort

balance your visibility

with (affirming!) polarization to filter out the not-so-great-a-fit clients and assure your best clients they’re in the right place

help your audience

feel like they’re one of your “in crowd” and start measuring real growth instead of meaningless vanity metrics

strengthen your visibility

with the accountability of like-minded business owners in the place for online service businesses committed to using their content to claim their authority


Build a long-term, repeatable asset

that not only sets you up as the leader you’re meant to be
but also leaves your audience feeling like you’ve googled their texts
and you know exactly how to help them

I know that even with every vetted element in these missions, sometimes you still have questions about your unique business

sometimes you still want a little more

So I’ve added a few extra things to help you achieve your automated, authentic marketing goal


 1:1 Content Bucket Cementing Session


Bring your content bucket plans to this 30min coaching session with me and we’ll run it through my favorite test to ensure a great fit–and effective results.

Yes, seriously, you’ll have access to my brain which is the rarest of all combinations: a strategist mastermind that specializes in asking the hard questions to get you results. Doubts be gone!

content bucket coaching call
content system templates product shot

 Content system templates


Whether your content calendar ends up living on Trello, ClickUp, or a pen and paper option, use my proven templates to keep your content organized–and measured.


content writing templates


Go from idea to complete post/article/video in 50% less time with my posting formulas. These six formulas not only decrease your creation time, they convert your audience more effectively!

content templates
niche fast track

niche fast track


We talk a lot about your best client in Content Lab. Need a little guidance on the nitty-gritty of who that is? Niche Fast Track has you covered.

kick your visibility woes to the curb with
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valued at

content lab course
1:1 chat accountability
content system templates
content writing templates
niche fast track
1:1 coaching session

valued at


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Regular Price = $1997

Today’s Price = $997

or 4 payments of $267

kendall mackintosh

“It’s so easy now”

I’m busy and I need an easy way to be visible, need to make sure it wasn’t going to add a ton more to my plate. Britney helped me design a content plan that works with my schedule and made it so it was easy to share with my VA. It’s a win-win-win for all of us.”

Now I have a content plan that works with my schedule–it’s a win-win-win.

kendall testimonial
leaders who lead
content lab isn’t built for easy-button seekers or rule followers

It’s Built For Leaders Who Want To Actually Lead

The reality is, online content isn’t going away.

Showing up for your business isn’t going away.

And you can commit to a visibility strategy anytime. So… why now?

Every day you put this off, your potential clients are seeing others commit to their business. They’re seeing others take the lead. They’re seeing others make waves and help people just like them… and they’re thinking, is that my next step about someone else.

Investing in your business with Content Lab today means this very month, you can implement a complete visibility strategy that

puts you in front of your best client

Exactly when they need you.

on the fence?

The Content Ease Guarantee

The Content Lab method of employing a content strategy to do the heavy lifting of client attraction in your business requires you to do the work, therefore:

If you go through Content Lab, follow each mission and you aren’t finding more ease in creating the kind of content that turns lookers into buyers, you deserve your money back.

If for any reason you cannot get your ideas organized, in a content system, and starting to multiply, we will happily take back your lab coat and give you a full refund within 15 days.

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content lab’s impact

Real People + Real Results

getting clear on how to apply her brand in content

nechelle bartley

“I’ve struggled with bringing my voice to the forefront.”

I can’t tell you how mindblown I am with Content Lab. It’s helped me so much with not just content, but my rebrand, too! There’s a sense of ease and a sigh of relief at having a process to put all of this stuff together. Thank you so, so much for it!

nechelle testimonial

from new to planned all at once

debbie lehr-lee

“This has been a gamechanger for me.”

I was new to content creation. It felt so overwhelming that I didn’t know where to start. This walked me through step by step how to break it down into manageable pieces.

debbie testimonial

using smart content to drop paid traffic leads by 75%

dawn wiggins

“I sleep like a baby now!”

I went from panicking and literally losing sleep at night to understanding my perspective client. They could see themselves in–and really connected with my posts–and went to purchase my offer. I used that organic traffic knowledge to drop my cost to acquire a client by 75%.

dawn testimonial
kick your visibility woes to the curb with
content lab logo


valued at

content lab course
1:1 chat accountability
content system templates
content writing templates
niche fast track
1:1 coaching session

valued at


content lab product shot

Regular Price = $1997

Today’s Price = $997

or 4 payments of $267

those little questions… that make all the difference

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Content Lab start?

The best of both worlds, Content Lab includes coursework and 1:1 chat access for questions. You get access to both immediately upon enrolling.

When I join Content Lab, how much time can I expect to invest?

Each ingredient or formula is designed to move you forward so the training time is limited and in small chunks. My goal is for you to maximize your time creating content, not watching a talking head talk about it!

Setting aside an hour a week will be enough most weeks with the integration weeks there for catchup if you get stuck, want to dive deeper, or lose work time due to life throwing a sick kid at you.

What if I don’t like being stuck in someone else’s box and I hate systems?

Fantastic–neither do I! The beauty of Content Lab is it’s a framework you can take and apply to your own world. I’ll be helping you create your own, unique, content creation + publishing method. That’s all a system is, a way for you to commit to your visibility so you can help more clients.

Why should I be more visible and make more content if the posts I’m already making aren’t getting any response?

Are you already creating the content I call “sticky content” that gets your audience thinking about you as the solution, not just a nice person to follow?

In Content Lab we go over what kinds of content you need to focus on–so you do get results from your time invested.

I’ve bought other content or social media programs before–how’s this different?

We’ve all seen the “Learn LinkedIn in 30 Days” or “10K Insta-Plan” deals online. This isn’t that–I’m not teaching any one platform. This is you learning to create content that targets your best client and organizing it so you can use it again and again.

Whether you’re a video or word person, TikTok or Medium person–these principles apply to YOU.

My biggest hangup is not knowing what to say. Will you supply me with a list of headlines, prompts, and hooks?

Did you know there are approximately 114 different $27 products on the market that promise you a neverending list of content ideas and they all have the same problem? (And that was BEFORE ChatGPT came online…) They make you sound like everybody else. They try and fit you into a box and we both know–you haven’t gotten this far by setting the goalpost at average.

You’re going to create your own list of uncopyable prompts using the methods in Content Lab! It gives you a starter list for those nasty writer’s block days, but most of my students find they don’t need it after completing the Content Webbing mission.

What do I do if I don’t have the time to be visible?

I get it–you’re already running a successful business built on networking in person or referrals and you’re a busy person already!

If you truly love your business as it is, why are you making the move to online business courses or group programs? My guess is so you can do more with the time you DO have.

Helping your clients at scale means marketing at scale–you don’t have the time to custom-fit sales presentations any more than you have the time to take on more clients in your already busy hours. Committing to a visibility plan is the best way to take your message and bring it to more people who need your services.

This sounds great and all, but what if I don’t want to be the one to actually implement this?

Oh do I get you! Here’s the beauty of Content Lab–it’s designed so you don’t have to! Yes, you’ll have to do the initial brainstorming (you are the expert, after all) but you don’t have to implement the rest.

No joke, this is what I mean when I say 20% of your effort should produce 80% of the results. It’s time to apply The Pareto Principle to your biz, friend! I can show you how to set it up so a team member can jump in for all the parts you don’t need to touch or you can hire a “done in a day” writer or social media VA to batch the rest out for you.

You can commit to visibility so you can help more clients

without spending all your time on social media

Finally ditch the content creation hamster wheel!

let’s be honest

every business changes with time.

You already began to embrace those changes by moving your services to the online space–

Now it’s time to commit to a visibility plan.

Stop sitting on the sidelines
start sharing your message
& increasing your impact

Content Lab is the place for overworked service providers who have already built a successful business on referrals and networking to translate that past success into a content system that works for them to generate a loyal, warm audience of perfect-match clients just waiting for your transformation.

I’ll see you inside!