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Savvy content marketers know: content you don’t measure is just busywork.

Stop wasting time on content that doesn’t matter.

Start multiplying the efforts of the content that is making a difference. 

And let it do the heavy lifting of bringing you quality leads

You’ve been posting to social media for a while, but it feels like you’re posting into an abyss.

You might have even had a Reel go viral, a serious spike in your blog’s analytics a time or two…but you don’t know how to make those spikes into a steady stream of potential clients who want to pay you.

You’re spending all this time crafting creative content, but when push comes to poke, it feels like all that clever content isn’t really doing its job.

It’s not earning it’s keep!

I’m talking about content that’s:

  • Not bringing more of your audience off the social platforms and into your world
  • Not translating into more people in your courses, more people on your list. 
  • Not generating enough revenue to justify how much time it takes you to make it!

You know how all the gurus keep publishing those “365 days of content ideas” lists, but when you look at their own socials that’s definitely not what they’re publishing?

Why? It’s not what actually works to sustain or scale a course creator business.

Everyone talks about creating content, content marketing, social media plans…

but no one really defines what the right content, the content that actually brings in clients and gets butts in seats and dollars in pockets, is.

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Nobody really sets out to fall into the busywork trap.

It’s not like they woke up one day and thought, “I’m going to avoid making money by creating a new TikTok.”

They were following a vague, loosely ambitious plan… but didn’t have the data for their unique business to back it up.

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If you aren’t measuring your content, you’re just wasting your precious marketing time,

but you have to be measuring the right thing.

Real talk? Comments and likes are there for your vanity (and we’re all a little bit vain, so we pay a whole lot of attention to them).

The lead-generating metrics you actually want to measure are hidden in most social apps–and nearly buried in a crypt in your Google analytics.

And more real talk?

Most of us wearing-many-hats biz owners don’t have the time or desire to check into seven different places each week to measure the ROI of our content… so it doesn’t get measured.

And if this sounds like you…

I want you to know this is NORMAL. This is how most content marketing is taught. 

So what happens is we stay stuck on the hamster wheel of content creation, hoping the next piece we publish will deliver the dopamine hit our audience needs to take action.

The problem is, it’s a neverending cycle of busywork…

When we could be confidently creating what we already know works.

What if instead, once a week, you could get an at-a-glance review of exactly which Facebook comment delivered the most viewers to your latest blog post?

Or know exactly which email got the most clicks to a workshop registration page? Or which LinkedIn post encouraged the most new subscribers?

With that insight, even if you’ve avoided looking at your analytics for years,

you’d finally move from wasted busywork to compelling content creation.

Pilots need their instrument panels.
Surgeons depend on their tests and diagnostics.

You need a dashboard, a marketing control center, showing you in one place, exactly what your content is doing for your business.

content dashboard

Hey, I’m Britney

I’m your back-pocket marketing strategist. I build dashboards to measure your content results–with monthly reports that offer all the benefits of a CMO without the pricy monthly price tag.

shine a light on your data

Shine a light on

exactly what you need to know

without all the technofluff

“I sleep like a baby now.”

“I went from panicking and literally losing sleep at night to understanding my prospective client. They could see themselves in–and really connected with my posts–and went to purchase my offer. I used that organic traffic knowledge to drop my cost to acquire a client by 75%.”

dawn wiggins, divorce coach

If you want to cut down the time you’re spending on marketing and skyrocket the outcome of your content, you need an easy way to measure what you’re already doing so you can do more of the good stuff and gently release the stuff that wasn’t working anyway.


a one-stop-shop that uplevels your content creation and decimates your marketing time investment, simply by measuring the ROI of the content you’re already creating.

Think of it as a survival guide for recovering chronic content creators.

Best for course creators, bloggers, and online businesses with a content-forward marketing plan.

When you invest in the Content ROI Dashboard, you’ll:

  • Easily make marketing & content decisions at a glance that move your business forward with results-driven content creation–instead of chasing the next content trend.
  • Confidently walk away from the social platforms that aren’t serving you and walk toward the platforms that are the best fit for you + your perfect-match customers (What, someone’s telling me I don’t have to be on TikTok? :0 )
  • Know exactly which on-website pieces of content are driving the most traffic, even if it’s been months since you promoted them
  • Slash your content creation time and make a bigger impact with the time you are investing

And best of all: 
An easy answer to the most important content question you’ll ask: what kind of content actually gets my audience members to become clients?

What’s included in the dashboard?


A 30-minute call to determine what we’re measuring and decide:

– your top two social platforms to measure
– if your Google Analytics need setup or revising*
– where your email fits into your overall marketing goals**
– your UTM strategy

(technofluff translation: these are the KPI’s and knowledge gaps that are costing you money right now)


VIP Day to set up your dashboard

– by the end of the day, you’ll have a fully-functioning dashboard to view!
– you need to be available for any two-factor authentication requests
– receive a custom-branded dashboard that looks like your business

(technofluff translation: none needed–I’m taking care of the tech on this baby so you don’t have to!)


30-day Voxer access + reporting

– Voxer access to the team for 30 days for any questions on how to use your info and make better content decisions with it
– A one-month-mark Content Insights Report of what’s working now

(technofluff translation: just the facts, ma’am–I’ll pare down the information to *just* what you need to know)

*GA setup fee is an additional cost
**not all email platforms play nice, see the FAQ for more info


Content ROI Dashboard
30-min strategy call
One month of Content Insights
UTM strategy + builder

valued at:


dashboards are fun

Value: $1650

today’s price $1000

Got questions? If you have questions, I’d be happy to chat with you. Feel free to Voxer me at @britneygardner, DM me on IG @iambritneygardner or you can book a call below.

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“I would recommend you to entrepreneurs who are confused about how to stand out in the crowded internet space. I honestly would call you a Visibility Coach because you help entrepreneurs get seen so they can do what they love best.”

“You help entrepreneurs get seen.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you only measuring two platforms?

Most biz owners have a primary platform where the spend of most their time posting and engaging (and being social, y’all!) and that’s where the bulk of their data comes from. AND they usually have a secondary platform they’re building or trialing to see if it works for them. So we measure two.

Want to add another? Let me know and we can probably make it happen!

All this data stuff sounds good, but what am I actually going to *do* with it?

Oooooh, good one! My goal is that next time you publish a piece of content, whether that’s on your blog or on your Insta, you’re not doing it with a wish and a prayer. You’re doing it with confidence–because you know it follows the exact pattern of what’s already brought you leads that converted.

What’s in the report you’re including?

Oooh, this is one of my favorite parts because numbers are fun, but sometimes you really just want to know–why did my Insta tank last month? Or is Pinterest really a good use of my time, or should I use that time elsewhere instead?

I’ll dive into your data and put it into real words with a few action items for you. When I say just the facts, ma’am, I mean it: I’ll make it brief and actionable. And I may just tell you you can stop doing something you didn’t want to be doing anyway!

Want to continue the reports after the first month? Ask about it! I can extend this service… and I think you’ll want to once you see it.

Can you measure other stuff? Like, how many emails it takes to convert a client?

In a word, yes! Ask me about ways to customize your reporting. I probably can’t measure how many chinchillas your latest client is raising, but I can measure a whole heck of a lot around sales, where they’re coming from, and which funnels are doing well.

You had a couple asterisks up there. Is that some kind of bait and switch?

Short answer: No way. That is NOT how I roll.

Slightly longer answer: I wish I could give a one-size-fits-all price but when it comes to tech and different platforms, it’s just not possible. Some social platforms are a LOT harder to get data out of than others. (It’s almost like they’ve got something to hide… hmmm.) And some email providers, well, they just don’t seem to think data exists at all? Yeah, talking to you, Flodesk!

If you’re worried whether YOUR platforms will play ball, let’s hop on a call. If I can’t help you, I’ll tell ya.

But what if I’m not putting enough content out there to measure?

Well, that’s kind of a pickle, huh? If you need help creating a content plan so you can consistently post, I’ve got you covered. I’ll even make you a deal and include this dashboard with it!

ARE YOU THE NEXT savvy content creator TO GET AT-A-GLANCE BUSINESS METRICS AND FINALLY STEP OFF THE content creation hamster wheel

Each month I have a cap of how many people I can help measure.

Book your spot now!

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I translate humans (and all their messy feelings)

into content planning that makes it easy to show up consistently.

About Britney Gardner

Few marketers truly marry their creative and analytical sides. With a visual background in photography and graphic design and training under the top copywriters in the country, I pair that creativity with a strategic mastermind personality as an INTJ and Enneagram 8.

Host of The Know, Like & Trust Show podcast and creator of the BE SEEN Method, I help online service biz owners craft content that results in perfect-match clients.