Ready to kick busy work to the curb and turn your content into cash?

Included in today’s purchase of the Content ROI Dashboard:
  • 30-min onboarding call where I’ll ask a few simple questions to determine how I’ll customize your dashboard to make it work for you, including:
    • which of your platforms we’re measuring
    • if we can measure your email
    • UTM builder tool
  • Your custom dashboard creation in Looker Studio, transferring ownership to you after approval
  • 30 days of Voxer access for dashboard follow-up questions
  • Content Insights Report of what’s working now covering the first month of data
content roi dashboard

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Is your Google Analytics set up to read useful data?

If you didn't hire a pro to set up your analytics, chances are there are a few holes! Do you see and for tweet links? Do you see m.facebook and as separate referrals? All of this can and should be arranged for better and easier viewing!

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