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What if it’s not about a content plan that fills in a few time gaps

And really about building a personality-driven marketing machine

That does the heavy lifting for you?

You know how you got here.

(Putting a crapload of long hours in and testing, offering, and constructing the best dang offer out there, of course.)

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Selling is freaking exhausting–and it’s totally understandable (dare I even say, deserving!) to want to take a break once you’re booked up.

Except, you’ve got to deliver your service or program.

And what about the rest of your audience… the segment that 100% fits your best client profile and for good reasons, just couldn’t buy this month.

It’s no wonder–they often get put on the back burner–until your next selling cycle comes around, and you’ve lost all the trust you tried to build with them the last go around.

popular, meaning it seems cool till you really start thinking about it…

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And you know how it’s kind of… popular… these days to say you don’t want to be on social media?

The problem is, you need eyes, and a lot of those eyes are doing the doomscroll on Insta or Tiktok… and blending into the scrolling sea of sameness is not getting eyes on your stuff.

And since you’re on the heels of that exhaustion and your creativity pistons just ain’t firing… you’re not separating yourself from the masses… if you’re posting consistently at all!

You’re not fluffy. You’re a creator.

And your teachings have quality and depth.

But your audience needs to see that depth before they buy–and the only way to do that is for you to start showing up with stellar content on the regular.

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Truth: You need a system, and you need support–

so you can separate

You’re tired of being stuck on that dang hamster wheel and you need a plan so you can finally separate yourself from the spaghetti-on-the-wall upstarts that don’t even know what they’re talking about and the supposed experts who aren’t really in this to help their audiences…

Seriously–it’s time your audience knew how freaking badass you are!

You need content that delights: 

  • your audience–it gets their attention and gets them thinking
  • you, because you finally have an evergreen content system you can rely on when you’re not into selling
  • your team. They’ll be so, so happy to have content to rely on so its doing some of the heavy lifting before your next launch

Best of all, it will help screen out the people in your audience that want to slap the easy button and fall into success without putting in the work. So when you do need to book a new client next, no more leads that want to just buy a course and feel like that purchase alone will change things.

Hey, I’m Britney

I’m your back-pocket marketing strategist. I create evergreen content plans and build dashboards to measure your content results–with monthly reports that offer all the benefits of a CMO without the pricy monthly price tag.

britney creating content

If you want to nurture your audience with content that not only serves them where they’re at but primes them for your next client opening, you need an evergreen content plan. And you need it now.

I call it

Evergreen + Elevate: Content That Nurtures

Together, we’ll create a full, three-month evergreen content plan that nurtures your audience and keeps your pipeline full. Plus, we’ll create a marketing control center to prove it’s working and give you the know-how to add and remove from the plan as needed.

When we’re done, you’ll think of this as your BFF, as you’ll have everything you need to show up–consistently–with lead-generating content.

How does it work?

No more spray-and-pray posting everywhere

Month 1

The strategic content setup

  • We meet for a VIP content strategy half-day and determine your content plan markers (yes, this is hands-on!)
  • I set up your marketing control center so we can track your content’s ROI
  • By the end of the month, we have three months of content outlined and ready to deliver

Ready to leave behind short-term success? This is it!

Months 2-4

You show up for your content sprint

  • Each week, you’ll open up that week’s topic outline and deliver your video or podcast, 4 per month
  • I’ll hop in and prep your content by creating a blog post, emailing your list about your new content, and creating up to three social posts based on the topic
  • Each month I’ll dive into your data (so you don’t have to), checking what’s working and making tweaks to the plan along the way

Month 5

Hone in on your evergreen plan

  • To wrap things up we’ll optimize and pick which topics to evergreen and add in a few new topics to replace those that didn’t perform (sometimes tests show us what doesn’t need to continue!)
    Next, I’ll teach your team how to continue the evergreen plan during your next off-season.
  • We’ll transfer any remaining assets and ensure you’ve got continued access to everything you need to build upon your content run

this is where you get your evergreen ROI going!

When you invest in Evergreen + Elevate, you’ll…

  • Finally have the confidence that you’re serving more than just your current clients and Insta-friends, and next time a client doesn’t renew their retainer you won’t have to completely rebuild your audience, but simply continue serving your community.
  • Have ongoing access to my architect/challenger/connoisseur marketing brain. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but Voxer access to me for day-in/day-out content decisions is pretty much gold and asynchronous access means we can each work during our best hours.
  • Have a proven content database filled with splendid content assets in your voice… that you can use again and again. This will drive ROI for literal years
  • Finally say goodbye to chronic content over-creating. Yes, less IS more, but it’s gotta be the right less. I help measure your content with hard data and I interpret it so you can focus on your program fulfillment and not get mired in the data details.

And of course–a way to execute your regular marketing with ease where you can continue to deliver with dynamic depth–and results in evergreen ROI.

Total value:
about $10,000


  • Content ROI Dashboard
  • Content GPS Strategy Day
  • 5 months of Content Insights Reports
  • Link strategy builder
  • Done-for-you content plan
  • Content distribution + writing

Intro Price: $1500/mo

for 5 months

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you say you’re delivering a proven evergreen content plan for me?

I wish I could share my crystal ball with you, but that’s not how marketing works! Even the best, most-researched topics fail sometimes–all marketing is a test! That said…

I am with you 100% of the way, checking in each week as you deliver your topics, delving into your analytics, and making adjustments to your content plan as you go. So at the end of your content run, we may shelve a few topics–and we’ll keep all the proven ones in, locked and loaded for your next launch off-season, so you’re not posting with a wish and a prayer but data-backed content that works.

Are you including complete scripts? How many social posts will I get each week?

Based on my years of content strategy in practice, your audience needs your voice because that gives the best possible results. I don’t include word-for-word scripts, and you won’t sound like a robot.

I do include a complete, SEO-researched outline for each topic–and then I’ll take your transcript and turn it into a blog post for that search engine boost. And I’ll take some of the best points from your topic and turn them into three thought-provoking social posts that nurture and build your audience.

What’s in the report you’re including?

Oooh, this is one of my favorite parts because data is fun for me, but sometimes you really just want to know–why did my Insta tank last month? Or is Pinterest really good use of our time, or should I use that time elsewhere instead? Why did Topic C bring in so many more leads than Topic G?

I’ll dive into your data (so you don’t have to!) and put it into real-people words. And at the end of our time together, we’ll have all the intel we need to create a proven, evergreen content plan for you to use again and again.

I don’t provide services or offer courses/programs. Is this for me?

This is for any established, profitable, online business that wants to rely more on evergreen content. Providing a service (delivering websites, offering coaching, creating nutrition plans…) means you’re busy day in, day out with clients. Or maybe you run a continual membership without official launches, perhaps you have a cohort-based program. Or–gasp!–you’re a founder who gets it and wants all the benefits of an evergreen content plan you can run quarterly.

What I need to know before we work together is–you have a proven offer, you’re willing to show up with your whole self because you want to help your people, and you’re ready to hone your content into the best possible evergreen content system–for you.

Can we talk about AI? Are you just generating Jasper and ChatGPT crap for me?

AI is a tool, and it has a time and place. It’s not strategic… yet. It’s not the brilliant marriage of an analytics-loving brain that likes creatively playing with words like an artist mixes acrylics and pastels. Until then, know that I’m often checking out tools to see if they can aid and assist me–AI or not–and I do employ AI tools to help check how SEO-friendly our content is–but if I write something for you, it means I’ve zhuzh’d and written it.

How about after five months–what if I like your content delivery so much that I want to keep going?

Oooh, I’d love that! There’s definitely a plan available to keep me on, creating new topics, kaleidoscoping other topics together, and continuing to repurpose and multiply your content as we all move forward. Alternatively, there’s an option for you to continue with what we’ve already created together and to continue receiving Content Insights Reports. Let’s talk about this!

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Are you ready to let this be the first year you finally have your content under control?

You can either serve a nurtured community or try to rebuild a neglected audience again and again. Embracing proven, ready-to-go nurture content you can rely on is the best way to finally shed the content creation hamster wheel and plan for the long-term success of your business.